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Geraldine Sharpe-Newton

Communications Advisor

Geraldine Sharpe-Newton_photo.jpg

With over four decades’ experience on both sides of the Atlantic, in media relations and corporate communications, Geraldine Sharpe-Newton was Head of Communications for three of the world’s major news organisations: CBS News (New York), ITN (London), and CNN International. Her early experience in American journalism led her to become one of the first public relations executives to specialise in electronic media. As a ‘founding’ Board member of the Global Thinkers Forum, she has written and spoken on issues of leadership and is an ‘Elder’ for The Centre for Synchronous Leadership. Having travelled widely she is now working on her first collection of short stories.


Molly Yard: 1912–2005

Molly Yard was an American political activist who served as President of the National Organisation of Women from 1987 to 1991. Though she was 75 years old when she took office, the combative and tireless Yard nearly doubled membership in the organisation. A lifelong activist for liberal causes, she campaigned for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, protection of abortion rights, and gay rights.


Gloria Steinem

Steinem started her professional career as a journalist in New York, writing freelance pieces for various publications. Getting plumb assignments was tough for women in the late 1950s and 1960s, when men ran the newsrooms and women were largely relegated to secretarial and behind-the-scenes research roles. Steinem’s life has been dedicated to the cause of women’s rights.

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