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Hellen T. Waiswa, Lunkuse

Executive Director, ‘Rape Hurts Foundation’

Hellen Waiswa Lunkuse_Photo.jpg

Hellen Lunkuse is the Executive Director of Rape Hurts Foundation (RHF), a Ugandan NGO which works extensively with women and at-risk children, child victims of sexual abuse, and survivors of domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence. Hellen, a rape victim herself at the age of eleven, and her staff have connected survivors to emergency medical and psychosocial services and helped relocate survivors in imminent danger to safety. Hellen received one of the 2018 Trust Law Awards from the Thomson Reuters Foundation for the project Protecting Children in Uganda. Hellen was a nominee from Global Thinkers Forum in the category of “African Women Leaders”. Hellen worked with several partners, including Trust Law and Thomson Reuters Foundation, to create a children’s protection and safeguarding policy.


Zohra Moosa is the Executive Director of MamaCash. She is a passionate feminist activist who has been contributing to MamaCash as Director of Programmes since 2013. Prior to that she was with Action Aid (UK) and the Fawcett Society, one of the oldest and best-known feminist organisations in the UK. MamaCash is one of the world’s largest public funds that supports the rights of women, girls, trans and intersex people around the world.

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