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Dr Rebecca S. Hage Thomley

CEO, Headwaters Relief & Orion Associates

Rebecca Thomley_photo.jpg

Dr Rebecca S. HageThomley is an entrepreneur and a licensed psychologist. She is CEO of Orion Associates and its related companies. Rebecca is one of the founding members of Headwaters Relief Organisation, which responds nationally and internationally to disasters providing first response, public health interventions, psychosocial support and education, medical support, and clean-up and re-building. Rebecca has earned graduate degrees inpsychology, business, psychopharmacology and public health. She serves inadvisory roles as a volunteer for the American Red Cross and the American Psychological Association’s Disaster Resource Network. Rebecca has published, written and edited books on breast cancer and international

children’s books related to trauma.


My letter was written to my six nieces: Lyndsay, the eldest who is in a doctoral programme in New York studying animal cognitive and comparative Psychology; Madeleine, her sister, who is in her fourth year of Medical school in New Orleans, Louisiana; my niece Aya, who studies Fine Art at the Royal Academy of Arts in Hague, Netherlands; Maya a senior at St. Olaf College in Minnesota majoring in Psychology; and the two youngest girls, Rhianwyn and Elwen, who are attending NOVA classical academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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