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Roula A. Douglas


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Roula Azar Douglas is a Lebanese-Canadian journalist and author who writes to prompt reflections, question the world, and to change mentalities and attitudes for a more just, human, and gender-equal society. She is also a university instructor and a researcher working on the influence of media on views of gender. She is committed to empower other women, to combat gender discriminations and injustices wherever she sees them, and to contribute to the development of new approaches for achieving gender equality.


Ramona Fiani was born in Beirut twelve years after the proclamation of the State of Greater Lebanon. She was the eldest of five children. When her mother died, she was forced to take on great responsibilities at a very young age, working as a preschool educator while taking care of her siblings. Ambitious, she did not hesitate to embrace new challenges in order to better her life. Later on, she completely changed her career and entered the banking sector. When she was killed, at the beginning of the Civil War, she was barely forty years old.

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