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Shamim Sarif

Film Director/Author

Shamim headshot.jpeg

Writer and director Shamim Sarif is an award-winning novelist, screenwriter, and film director. Her book The Shadow Mission is an all-women contemporary action thriller. Shamim’s most recent feature as writer/director is “Despite the Falling Snow”, which was released in the US in March 2017. The movie has garnered thirteen awards to date.


Hanan is the award-winning sole producer of four feature films. Her first feature film, “I Can’t Think Straight”, won eleven awards and the follow-up movie, “The World Unseen”, had its debut at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival before going on to garner 23 awards internationally, including eleven SAFTAs (South African Film Awards). In 2011, Hanan completed a feature documentary of which she was co-director and producer. Shot on location in Israel and Palestine, “The House of Tomorrow” looks at the conflict between these countries from the perspective of women who are focused on building a future.

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